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White People, My People:
Four Mindsets for Resisting Racism

Ready to engage in conversations about race but don't know where to start? Our course is designed to give white allies the confidence and comfort to navigate these crucial discussions.

Learn the four essential mindsets for resisting racism and actionable strategies to become an effective advocate for racial justice. Your journey towards confident and meaningful engagement starts here!


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Love & Justice: Seasonal Subscription Box

Get BIPOC-made items and a social justice book, plus exclusive group access and virtual meet-ups. Click to subscribe or gift.

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New Ancestor Group Coaching

Small group antiracism coaching for white leaders. 12 week cohorts form in the Fall and Spring.

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Learn how we support organizations with actionable skills you can easily use to demonstrate your commitment to cultivating a thriving, equitable, and intentional workplace environment.

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Making Collective Liberation in our Organizations and Teams Possible!

For many of us - we spend more time at work than we do with our families. Let's create work cultures that reflect our values - we can be accountable, joyful and effective.

Join me on the journey to create leadership teams, boards and business owners build intentional workplaces.

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