Cultivating the Mystery:
Leading When There's No Horizon

Unearth the leadership wisdom you already possess on a playful, communal journey of self-discovery and resilience.

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You pour your heart into creating an engaged, supportive team or community. But staying aligned feels impossible these days.

 The enormity of global crises - from pandemics and economic shocks to the surge of violence on social media - feels impossible to navigate. Amidst this, internal struggles like clashing personalities, differing perspectives, and unresolved tensions add to the strain. Structural oppression and "cancel culture" worries make every discussion a tightrope walk, reflecting the broader chaos of a world grappling with democratic instability and social injustice.

You dream of nurturing a space where everyone feels valued, where hard conversations strengthen bonds instead of severing them. But confusion and fatigue constantly threaten to derail your efforts.

Despite the chaos, life marches on. You have events to organize, dinner to make, people to inspire, and a mission to uphold. But the burden of holding it all together amidst this turmoil is palpable.

You deserve a thriving community aligned with your values. One that feels energizing, not draining. It's time for a better way forward, recognizing and confronting the complexities of our era with resilience and shared purpose.

Join us in North Carolina for a transformative journey at the Cultivating the Mystery retreat equipping leaders like you with the tools to navigate through uncertain times.


September 12-15, 2024

William Black Lodge at Montreat Retreat Center

ūüďćBlack Mountain, North Carolina


Here in the serene backdrop of Black Mountain, we'll dive into innovative leadership through deep self-reflection, community engagement, and exploring Jungian archetypes.  Participants will unlock their inherent abilities to lead authentically and adaptively, fostering resilience and vision in the face of change.


Join us for a joyful, nourshing and transformative journey into the heart of leadership!

What you will gain:


Community & Connection

Forge lasting bonds with like-minded leaders, enriching your network and support system.

Practical Wisdom

Acquire tools to address modern challenges, combining inner strength with actionable strategies for real-world impact.

Deep Self-Understanding

Uncover the hidden strengths within your psyche, enabling a more profound, intuitive leadership style.

"This session exceeded my expectations. Evangeline helped us begin working with a more clearly-defined purpose. Her knowledge was so helpful but her manner & personality truly created a safe space for everyone to share."

What to Expect:

¬Ľ¬†Deepen Your Leadership Impulses


Gain insights into your intuitive leadership responses and how they shape your decisions and actions. 


¬Ľ¬†Practice with Paradox

Learn to navigate complex challenges by embracing and analyzing contradictory elements.


¬Ľ¬†Value Wonder


Recognize and harness the power of curiosity and awe as tools for leadership & problem-solving.


"The intersectional approach really resonated with people, also the way you brought everyone into the conversation while honoring different levels of comfort speaking in front of the group. Thank you so much!"

Who This is For

Team or organizational leaders, solo entrepreneurs, coaches, community organizers, administrators…anyone who is responsible for moving a process forward in your vocational life.

Still not sure if this is for you? Ask yourself - do you find yourself in any of the following roles - whether formally or informally?

‚ě° Are you frequently called upon to facilitate, coach, or mentor?

‚ě° Do you frequently show up in a leadership role within a faith community?

‚ě° Do you influence your organization or company's staff meeting agenda?

‚ě° Is your role related to leadership development?

‚ě° Are you responsible for program design or evaluation?

‚ě° Do you have strategic responsibilities in your company or organization?


If any of these experiences resonate for you, we'd love to have you join us!

"Thank you for your time and effort to make our experience engaging and productive. I enjoyed being able to move, to work in small groups and pairs, and to feel as free to share as you made us feel. Your stories/experiences were relatable and helped me to lower my guard. Great training!"

About Your Facilitator, Evangeline Weiss

Evangeline has over 23 years of community building and organizational development experience working with clients to create organizations that are just and joyful. After earning a Masters’ degree in educational policy studies, Evangeline has facilitated hundreds of change processes, workshops and retreats to sustain leaders on a path towards intentionality and impact.

Evangeline facilitates coaching groups and organizational change in social justice coalitions and non-profits, as well as schools and institutions of higher education. She is passionate about grassroots fundraising, moving money through a racial justice lens and helping her clients have values based conversations about funding and finances. Evangeline is married with children and a new grandchild. She currently calls Greensboro, NC home.



Join us in Black Mountain this September for a joyful, nourshing and transformative journey into the heart of leadership. Connect with kindred spirits, and reconnect with your innate strengths to learn to lead adaptively during uncertain times.


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