Intentional Workplace Project: A Pathway to Authenticity, Equity and Purpose

Embark on a transformative journey to cultivate a thriving, equitable, and intentional workplace environment.

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Teams have cultures, and they're not neutral. Your work culture either propels you forward or holds you back.

Introducing: The Intentional Workplace Project

A 3-part retreat series that will transform your organization by:

Elevating Team Trust and Alignment

Delve deep into your team's stories, values, and visions to foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Empowering Open Communication

Equip your team with the tools to handle power dynamics, resolve conflicts, and ensure that all voices are heard and valued.

Enhancing Productivity and Innovation

Engage in hands-on practices that cultivate a culture of inclusivity, resilience, and shared purpose, leading to increased retention and a surge in innovative ideas.

Why Retreat?

Because we cannot make the deep and authentic shifts towards authenticity, equity and purpose without spending meaningful time together.

Experience the power of our holistic retreat series designed to address and elevate every facet of your organizational culture. Imagine a work culture that holds joy & accountability in equal measure!

The Journey Ahead

Our team designs your retreat with a power and privilege lens throughout the three content areas:

Part 1: Discover

Part 2: Swirl

Part 3: Thrive

These three Retreats can be spaced out or happen consecutively. We recommend at least 1 day of content in each of the 3 areas for transformative change.

Commit to the entire series and lead your team through a transformative journey, maximizing impact with each step.

"This session exceeded my expectations. Evangeline helped us beginĀ working with a more clearly-defined purpose.Ā Her knowledge was so helpful butĀ her manner & personality truly created a safe space for everyone to share."

By investing in the Intentional Workplace Project, your organization will:

Center Values

Develop shared meaning for values such as equity, justice and joy.

Leverage Your Collectice Wisdom

Co-create meaningful practices customized to your mission and workflows.

Boost Retention

Foster a culture where every member feels valued, leading to decreased turnover.

Build Real Teamwork & Morale

Cultivate a workplace that thrives on trust, purpose, and alignment.

Stimulate Innovation

Through open dialogues and constructive conflicts, spark new ideas and groundbreaking solutions.

Solidify Leadership

Strengthen the foundation of leadership rooted in shared values, practices, and racial equity.

Who I Serve


Non-profit organizations
Schools & Universities
Small businesses
Professional associations
And more...

"The intersectional approach really resonated with people, also the way you brought everyone into the conversation while honoring different levels of comfort speaking in front of the group. Thank you so much!"

About Your Facilitator, Evangeline Weiss


Evangeline is a seasoned facilitator with an impressive twenty-year tenure in fostering community engagement and organizational innovation across various sectors, including high-tech firms, educational institutions, justice coalitions, and even public health departments in New York City.

She began her career by equipping social workers and emergency personnel with the expertise for sensitive HIV test counseling, which paved the way for her comprehensive grasp of pivotal conversations. As a former Director of Diversity & Equity at Duke University, she bravely addressed racial injustices, a testament to her dedication to intersectional justiceā€”mirrored in her work with the National LGBTQ Task Force.

Now at the helm of the Intentional Workplaces Project, Evangeline is set to transform organizational cultures. Her approach goes beyond mere instruction, focusing on cultivating trust, fostering open dialogue, and boosting productivity through inclusivity and innovation. She's not just teaching; she's facilitating a profound shift in workplace dynamics.

"IĀ know there's untapped potential in every team. With the Intentional Workplaces Project, we unlock that together. I'm excited to guide your team's transformation."

"Thank you for your time and effort to make our experience engaging and productive. I enjoyed being able to move, to work in small groups and pairs, and to feel as free to share as you made us feel. YourĀ  stories/experiences were relatable and helped me to lower my guard. Great training!"

Commit to building a work culture that works for you!

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